Our goal:  Enable our clients to realize the benefits of automation

Amassing years of experience and expertise in robotic process automation and cognitive computing technologies allows us to be able to design and deploy the right solution to fill a gap in an existing application or handle rescue missions where other providers have failed. We've gathered our lessons learned and plan around standard stumbling blocks that trip up other service providers. We provide clients a low-risk model to quickly adopt and scale automation for faster results and value.

Industry Differentiators


Bots & Automation

Advanced certified multi-platform US-based and international experts to design, build, enhance or support RPA and intelligent automation. We also provide process optimization, role-based staff augmentation, automation program consulting, and RPA platform training.

Custom Integration

Joining legacy applications and databases with software-driven APIs and connectors with custom integration builds, white paper documentation and support. We focus integrations with security for scalability and edge-casing with compliance control through a 5-step integration process.

Advanced Chatbots

Ready-made FAQ, self-service, sales support, customer service, and shadow agent use cases for omni-channel deployment and use. Custom built enterprise level chatbots, virtual assistants, and voice bots leveraging best-in-class NLP and NLG for conversational AI.

Enable - Build - Operate RPA

What if it only took 3 bots for your team to be trained as RPA developers ready for certification, to have an automation program in place to handle RPA candidate ingestion, the development cycle, and bot performance management, along with three golden-standard bots in production and generating impact?

The DataPrime Enable-Build-Operate model gives you this 3 bot quick start in weeks, not months, to allow you to have custom built bots in production and the enterprise methodology needed to measure automation ROI and drive performance. 

5-Step Custom Integration Method

Connecting platforms to client needs could mean moving information between databases, applications, or services. We have a simple 5-step process to make sure RPA or API integration works seamlessly:

  1. What Are We Integrating? - Software, info, IO logic, and exceptions
  2. What Is Possible? - Requirements, limits, and scale
  3. How Do We Connect? - Easy test-driven data flow and development checks
  4. What Are We Missing? - Complex scenarios and one-offs
  5. What If It Does Not Work? - Ongoing support for scalability


Conversational AI for the masses

Chatbots and Voice bots leverage conversational AI technology to help bridge the human and machine divide by seamlessly handling simple inquiries, collecting updates, scheduling appointments or making recommendations. We work with industry leading partners based on use case complexity to deliver and support...

  • FAQ Bots - top 10 inquiries
  • Customer Service Bot - collect info, handle or escalate
  • Lead Gen and Sales Capture​ Voice Bots


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DataPrime has an extensive inventory of ready-made deployable RPA and chatbots across many use cases, industries, and partner platform providers. Schedule a Demo to see these use cases in action and continue the discussion to discover how Intelligent Automation can drive value and shape the technology experience.