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Increase profitability with our specialized solutions designed to assess data and systems, identify business KPIs, and launch AI Engines for maximum impact across your portfolio companies.

Unlock AI to Grow Portfolio Companies

Our AI technology helps operating partners accelerate insights and results — all so their portfolio companies increase revenue, reduce costs, and drive more profitability.

Typical Results

More Revenue
Less Costs
More Profitability

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How much EBITDA improvement is possible with AI Engines? Our EBITDA Assessment Tool gathers information about your business and estimates how much improvement is possible for growing revenue and reducing costs.

Optimize Outcomes Across Your Portfolio Companies

Data-Driven Valuation
Exit Timing
Outperformer Identification
Porfolio Performance
Risk Evaluation
Assortment & Space
Cross Sell/Upsell
Next Best Offer
Pricing Optimization
Product Bundling
Promotion Effectiveness
Promotion Optimization
Churn Prevention
Customer Aquisition
Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation
High Value Customer Retention
Loyalty Program Optimization
Market Sentiment
Marketing Mix Optimization
Bundle Pricing
Buy Optimization
Capital Allocation Optimization
Demand Forecasting
Dynamic Pricing
New Product Launch
Payables Optimization
Payment/Claim Fraud
Price Sensitivity
Product Recommender
Revenue Forecasting
Scenario Planning
Spend Optimization
Cost Forecasting
Demand Planning
Inventory Optimization
Material Planning
Network & Flow Path Optimization
Predictive Maintenance
Procurement Analytics
Product Lifecycle Management
Production Planning
Replenishment Planning
Schedule Optimization
Spare Parts Optimization
Supplier Performance
Warranty Analytics
Call Center Analytics
Fleet Management
IT Resource Optimization
Network Load Optimization
Staffing Forecast
Workforce Scheduling

AI Playbook for Private Equity Operating Partners

Dive into the proven principles, methodologies, and success stories that established our Private Equity Playbook as a pioneer in empowering businesses with data-driven strategies.

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