AI Engines Made to Accelerate Outcomes

AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) software built to supercharge your existing data and systems in just weeks so you can increase revenue, reduce costs, and drive more profitability.

Are You Prepared for AI Disruption?

AI is rapidly changing the business landscape across all industries. At PrimeAI, we help companies, large and small, achieve transformational analytics with the latest AI technology so organizations can lead the competition and drive innovative growth.

Start Fast

Launch in just weeks with our advanced microservices architecture that eliminates barriers to transformational analytics.

Maximize Impact

Empower your business to get more from your current data and systems with proven industry solutions.

Scale with Ease

Get ultimate flexibility in even the most complex architectures with our extensible solutions built to meet you where you are.

The Impact of PrimeAI Engines

More Revenue
Less Costs
More Profitability

Unlock the Power of AI in Your Business

Take your business to the next level with PrimeAI Engines and gain critical insights for smarter decisions and creative solutions. Automate workflows, elevate customer interactions, and boost efficiency to achieve unparalleled growth and success.

Optimize Insights and Results Across Your Business with AI Engines

Assortment & Space
Cross Sell/Upsell
Next Best Offer
Pricing Optimization
Product Bundling
Promotion Effectiveness
Promotion Optimization
Churn Prevention
Customer Aquisition
Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation
High Value Customer Retention
Loyalty Program Optimization
Market Sentiment
Marketing Mix Optimization
Bundle Pricing
Buy Optimization
Capital Allocation Optimization
Demand Forecasting
Dynamic Pricing
New Product Launch
Payables Optimization
Payment/Claim Fraud
Price Sensitivity
Product Recommender
Revenue Forecasting
Scenario Planning
Spend Optimization
Cost Forecasting
Demand Planning
Inventory Optimization
Material Planning
Network & Flow Path Optimization
Predictive Maintenance
Procurement Analytics
Product Lifecycle Management
Production Planning
Replenishment Planning
Schedule Optimization
Spare Parts Optimization
Supplier Performance
Warranty Analytics
Call Center Analytics
Fleet Management
IT Resource Optimization
Network Load Optimization
Staffing Forecast
Workforce Scheduling

Private Equity Solutions for Operating Partners

Increase profitability with our Private Equity solutions designed to assess data and systems, identify business KPIs, and launch AI Engines for maximum impact across your portfolio companies.

Industry Solutions Built on Proven Experience


Demand Forecasting, Price Optimization & Context-Based Dynamic Offers


Forecasting, Price Optimization & Network Optimization


Demand Forecasting, Transient Price Optimization & Dynamic Offers

Life Sciences

Demand Planning, Expert Determination for HIPAA, Risk Scoring, and more


Supply Chain De-Risking, Price Optimization & Analytically Driven Salesforce


Marketing Mix Optimization, Product-Centric Insights, Product Bundling, and more

How to Start Your AI Engines Subscription

Book Your Personalized Demo

Get started with a custom demo and brief assessment to identify your top AI opportunities.

Build the Right Plan

Next, our team will build a personalized plan recommending which AI Engines to launch first.

Launch Your AI Engine Pilot

Move fast and launch your first AI Engine in just two weeks to start seeing results.

Scale Your AI Transformation and Results

Start your subscription and deploy more AI Engines to unlock the power of AI across your most important business areas.

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