Derek Sudduth

Head of Engineering

Derek Sudduth is known for his leadership in developing sophisticated Machine Learning platforms. His expertise spans cloud architecture, AI/ML, serverless computing, and microservices, driving the creation of transformative solutions that set new industry standards.

As the Head of Engineering at PrimeAI, Derek's strategic insights and leadership have elevated the company to a leading position in the tech sector. His work on ML-driven platforms has transformed operational processes and enhanced user experiences, exemplifying the impact of emerging technologies in practical applications.

With a background of spearheading pivotal projects at renowned tech firms, Derek has refined a unique blend of technical prowess and strategic acumen. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology, combined with his ability to cultivate a culture of collaboration and innovation, establishes him as a prominent leader in engineering. Prior to PrimeAI, Derek held senior engineering roles at AWS and Symantec.