We leverage years of successful deployment in the world's most advanced predictive solution to provide analytic component modules (ACMs) to meet our customer's challenges. The ACMs are the core element of our solutions and SaaS and power the machine learning algorithms that enable artificial intelligence.


Data Engineering

When it comes to data, there is little we haven't seen or conquered.  Our data and software engineering services enable our cutting edge AI/ML both in the cloud and on-site.  We can support creation of analytic data stores, data lakes, date pipelines from various data sources.  Our ability to integrate, transform big data, real time stream data to analytical-ready data enables us to apply the power of AI/ML in your existing tech stack and work flows.



Automation Prime provides RPA, intelligent automation, integration, and chatbot solutions that couple advanced technologies with optimized processes and normalized data.


Change Management

Our change management team understand change is hard and usually perceived negatively. However, we also understand the value of the solutions we deliver can't deliver their measured value if your organization does not demonstrate the willingness to transform. Our methodology for change has been used to deliver enterprise solutions that transform industries.

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