Trustworthy artificial intelligence (TAI) applied to SDOH improves outcomes...

SDOH complexity is minimized with LSP offering and tools

LSP's SDOH data, features, TAI, cloud ecosystem and visualization delivers immediate value.


  • LSP SDOH steps:  data>cloud>TAI>visualize
  • Scale SDOH to actionable health insights
  • Value driven SDOH are real and actionable

Social determinants of health value driven implementation, visualization and insights in three simple steps...

1. LSP SDOH offering, installation, modeling, results.

2. SDOH visualization, use case development to enable insights.

3. SDOH use case insight examples:  chronic, episodic, public, services.


SDOH: Varicella Chicken Pox poverty <24mo

Using LSP’s SDOH value driven offering to save millions of lives:

Country Mexico Brazil USA
Cases 0.23 0.27M Under 24mo, low income
Est. cases ~2.1M 2.9M 43K
Outpatient ~1.2M 1.65M 24K
Hospital ~5,300 ~7,300 120
Deaths ~188 ~258 4

SDOH: Mental Health

Helping young adults mental health suffering from COVID (40%), PTSD (5.7%) and suicidal ideation...

  • 117M USA young adults affected by mental health warrants integrated mental health community centers to offer outreach, counseling and supporting services. In comparison, teen pregnancy occurs 16/1000 or 2M.
  • LSP SDOH can identify the highest risk features of children to enable outreach and measure impact.
Country Mexico Brazil USA
Population Under 24yo 46%, 60M 37%, 78M 35%, 117M
COVID 40% 24M 31M 47M
PTSD 5.7% 3.4M 4.5M 6.7M
Teen Suicide/100K Boys 12.8: 3.8K
Girls 3.6: 1.1K
Boys 8.2: 3.2K
Girls 2.2: 1K
Boys 22.4: 13K
Girls 6: 3.5K




SDOH: Influenza

Improve influenza vaccine rate in USA from 58.6% to decrease cases, hospitalizations and save lives

Country Mexico Brazil USA
Influenza cases, hospitalizations, deaths ~10-15M
Limited data
Limited data
Influenza Vaccine Age <5yo, >60yo Age >60, 75% 58.6% or 195M
Influenza upside Entire country Entire country 138M


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