We Build Expert Data Teams for Maximum Impact

We are a results-driven team of recruiters and business experts with a background in talent acquisition from the world's top tech companies including Facebook, Amazon and Google. Combining the DataPrime platform AI with our team's expertise, we can improve a company's time to hire and quality of hire through our data-driven approach.

Our Data-Driven Recruiting Approach

Gathering Data on Data Professionals

Through a combination of active platform users, automated data gathering and technical recruiters in the field, we have robust data on thousands of the top professionals in the industry.

AI-Enabled Recruiters

Our recruiters utilize cutting edge AI algorithms proven to capitalize on high-resolution candidate data ensuring optimal matches for client requirements.

Hiring a Data Professional

We provide the data-driven candidate reports so you can quickly and easily decide on the right candidate and hire for the long-term.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Talent Search

Hassle-Free Hiring

Reduce the complexity of your talent acquisition process. Scale your business quickly and handle new projects at the drop of a hat.

Qualified Talent

Our job candidates are selected according to your business and mission needs. Avoid over and under qualification. Stay on budget. Find the best talent for your business quickly.

Fill Niche Positions

We execute hard to fill, highly technical searches across multiple industries including Aerospace, Defense, Manufacturing and more.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Contingency recruiting

For projects that just can’t wait, we outsource exclusive talent on demand.

Retained Executive Search

We offer retained search engagements for data executive titles including Chief Data Officer and VP Data Science.


Flexible hiring solutions are available to allow contractors to convert into full-time employees.

Filling The Data Science Gap

We provision data professionals across many fields of expertise, providing advanced capabilities and services to fuel innovation, advance research and development (R&D) projects, and move to rapid prototyping. High-de

Advanced Image Recognition

Adversarial Neural Networks

Anti-Money Laundering

Cyber Defense

Data Mining and Analytics

Financial Prediction

Healthcare Tools & Equipment

IoT at the Edge

Manufacturing Systems

Military Readiness

Natural Language Processing

Supply Chain Management

The Data Science Landscape


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