Our goal: To enable optimized production and selling via predictive analytics powered by Machine Learning

Using proven AI and Machine Learning capabilities, DataPrime provides insights and predictive analytics to more profitably match production capacity with market demand.  Our predictive ACMs (Analytical Components and Methods) provide immediate impact, while helping manufacturers de-risk their supply chain and make incrementally-better commercial decisions on production, inventory, and pricing.



Who We Serve


Head of Procurement

  • More effectively manage supply chain and raw materials, leveraging Machine Learning and AI to identify anomalies in the data, highlighting potential future issues
  • Demand and cost forecasting combined with network optimization to produce a profit-maximizing plan that accounts for operational constraints and business rules


  • Enhance customer experience and drive loyalty and repeat purchase
  • Maximize profitability with automated technology and analytics that enable incrementally-better commercial decisions across price and promotion
  • Identify and track ROI on marketing efforts to ensure marketing dollars are having desired reach and impact

Production Manager

  • Leverage AI and Machine Learning to identify and isolate production issues in advance and allow for proactive risk mitigation rather than risking a production stop
  • Monitor materials costs and delivery, highlighting current or future issues in supply chain and resources in order to make timely decisions


Supply Chain De-Risking

The ability to diversify and de-risk your supply chain is more critical than ever. Supply chain issues exposed by the COVID pandemic have shown to not be issues with the supply chain itself, but with material shortages, production slow-downs, and prolonged wait-times. 

Using predictive analytics, we can forecast possible issues with production and suppliers, and strategically position our own supply chain dependencies based on the latest predictive intelligence. The application of Machine Learning within these models allows them to detect anomalies in the supply chain and re-optimize based on the latest information and early indicators.  


Price Optimization

Real-Time and Dynamic Price Optimization provides an enormous advantage in driving profitable growth across categories and products.

Incorporating our proprietary DataPrime ACMs across demand forecasting, price sensitivity, and inventory management, our Price Optimization capability optimizes not only using your own data, but incorporates current market realities with competitor pricing and external market data to optimize pricing and inventory decisions taking into account cross-sell impacts and cannibalization.



Analytically-Driven Salesforce

DataPrime solutions provide product and customer insights on acquisition, discounts and promotions, fulfillment rates, and pricing.

Are win probability analytics help B2B companies better understand the probability of winning a specific piece of business for a specific customer at multiple price points. This allows us to balance profitability of the sale with the probability of purchase.  Our proprietary customer behavior segmentation and analytics provide valuable product and customer insights along with pricing recommendations for commercial decision markers.

Case Study:

Biotech Manufacturer


The Challenge

The Challenge

Biotechnology company / vaccine manufacturer requires a global vaccine strategy to efficiently and effectively deliver vaccines based on need

    • Need to estimate demand and plan for development of vaccines and setting of inventory levels

    • Need to prioritize in-market countries and counties within the United States

The Solution

The Solution

Developed model to quantify vaccine need and develop strategy across all markets and in-development vaccines globally

  • Developed multiple linear regression model accounting for Patient Incidence, Demand, Utilization, and Vaccination

  • Global vaccine tender market sizing capability rolled out in 78 countries, becoming the benchmark in 2019

The Outcome


The Outcome

Strategic recommendation combine advanced analytics with  business intelligence tools to align execution of strategy, resulting in:

  • Decrease of pediatric varicella hospitalizations by ~600K

  • Increased access to HPV vaccine in Europe for ~10MM pediatric boys

  • Optimized vaccine dose regimen from 2 to 1 for millions of children worldwide

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