Life Science & Healthcare Analytics

Applied data science analytics to improve health, wellness and access to life saving innovations.

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Together, we will improve health, wellness, and access with data science analytics. 

We believe data science analytics, machine learning artificial intelligence, applied to healthcare challenges can enable the healthcare ecosystem to improve health, wellness and access.  


Improving health, wellness and access

Solving health and life science business, public health and patient challenges with data, advanced analytics and innovative advanced analytics solutions.  

Our advanced analytics focus applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to sustain health, innovation technology growth and financial sustainability.


Our People

Led and founded by seasoned global health industry experts who have worked, consulted, presented at leading organization.

Life Science Industry 

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Medical Devices

Public, Private & Non-Government Healthcare Systems & Services

Financial Healthcare Services

Life Science Healthcare Venture Capital

Functional Insights

Digital & Digital Transformation

Sales & Marketing

Data Science Strategy

Demand Planning & Supply Chain

  • Global Tenders:  Predict when, where, how many, how much and who
  • Surgical Capacity and Backlog due to COVID
  • Global Tenders:  Management and Integration across sources

Access to life saving innovations

  • Value Based Care: USA, State, Urban series
  • Value Based Care: Global, Countries
  • Payer & Provider Insights
  • Public Health Insights

Healthcare Services & Technology Insights

Patient, Consumer, Behavioral, Attitudinal Insights

Therapeutic Area Insights

Mental Health Series

  • Teen Suicide
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disease (PTSD)

Alzheimer's Disease Early Diagnosis & Treatment and Risk Scoring

Multiple Sclerosis Early Detection and Risk Scoring

Vaccines & Vaccination Utilization, Access, COVID-Gap:
  • 300million unvaccinated childrenChildren's important 20 Vaccines saves lives
  • Pneumococcal Vaccines saves lives
  • Varicella Chicken Pox Vaccines saves lives
  • RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus) Vaccines saves lives
  • Vaccination in General Population

Health System Modernization

  • Digital Transformation
  • High Performance Computing in government healthcare
  • Cloud-based computing use-cases in government and non-government health service



Value Based Care Patient & Business Insights

Venture funding to improve health

Research, Development & Clinical Trials:  Maximizing value of clinical research in general population
EHR & EMR Advanced Analytics approaches

Analytics best practice of Electronic Health Records and/or Electronic Medical Records

  • Supply Chain & Demand Planning: 
  • Orthopedic Implants Global Demand
  • Endo Surgery Global Demand & COVID
    Endoscopy Global Demand
  • Laproscopic Surgery Global Demand
  • Oncology Treatment & Surgical DemanD

Advanced Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning (ML)


Reporting & Business Analytics

High Performance Computing System (HPCS)

Bioinformatics and Computational Science

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Clustering Structured & Unstructured Analysis

Risk Scoring & Logistic Regression

Simulation and Monte Carlo Approaches

Cloud Computing Methods and Tools

Visualization applications to Data Science

RWD / RWE/ EHR / EMR / APLD (electronic health and medical records, real world data or evidence, anonymized patient level data) Analytics, Methods and Process

Expert Determination of PHI covered by HIPAA 

Integration Management of Patient Tokenization

Expert Determination with methods and results documentation

Privacy Training

Automated Cloud Based Expert Determination

Digital Mobile enabled Cloud Based Platform

Ecosystem:  Analytics - Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning - Natural Language Processing

Ecosystem:  Healthcare - Patient - Consumer - Community

Tender Management & Demand Planning Analytics

Tender Management

Demand Planning

Tender Predictions:  Time, Volume, Price, Win