Our goal:  Enable our clients quality of performance and employee advancement

Our goal is to leverage our learning services in partnership with our client's learning team to increase company and employee capabilities and advancement to solidify retention and create improved Talent Efficiency.  We provide a comprehensive suite of services, including: Learning Development, Learning Management and Distribution, Multimodal Learning and Employee Certificate Programs, and Learning Pathways.

Industry Differentiators


Learning Director

  • Lower cost per course
  • Increased employee retention
  • Increased talent efficiency

Employee Learner

  • Career pathways linked to learning
  • Career insights and skill building

Community Member

  • Role demand and supply insights
  • Career pathways linked to learning
  • Career insights and skill building

Technology-Centered Learning

DataPrime emphasizes the specific skills required to use  technology and integrate with technology. This common educational model is used in schools and certificate programs and is the basis for the majority of learning in a customer’s lifetime. 

Problem-Centered Learning

DataPrime provides customers with relevant real-world situations and problem-solving skills. Customers are taught how to look at a problem and come to a solution from beginning to end. This educational model increases emphasis on critical thinking and develops an understanding of process and technology use and integration. 


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