Capital Markets

DataPrime employs flexible rapid analytic component modules that integrate quickly and easily into larger older systems to enable more efficient operations, increased revenue, and increased productivity.  Our solutions provide predictive marketing insights, identify suspicious transactions, automate contract analysis and predict customer churn.



Real Estate

DataPrime provides solutions that combine the analysis of millions of documents in seconds to extract and input data points that are combined with customer behavior data and AI/ML algorithms to reduce risk, identify the right customer and build future investment value.



Insurance Services

DataPrime provides solutions that reduce risk and increase profitability for insurance companies.  Our solutions predict the best products and services for customers, build loyalty, enhance fraud detection, and automate claims processing by integrating all internal and external data sources into AI/ML algorithms that predict and provide insights.



Private Equity

DataPrime provides solutions that enable process automation, improved analysis and predictions leveraging both structured and unstructured data in combination with behavioral insights, automation, and AI/ML algorithms. Our solutions provide insights into portfolios and potential acquisitions and divestitures.

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